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Beaver Basin Wilderness

Beaver BasinThe Beaver Basin Wilderness includes 13 miles of stunning Lake Superior shoreline from Spray Falls on the west to Sevenmile Creek on the east.  The wilderness is some 3.5 miles deep and contains three beautifully  clear lakes -- Beaver Lake - 762 acres, Trappers Lake - 45 acres, Legion Lake - 35 acres -- and five cold water streams -- Lowney Creek,  Arsenault Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Little Beaver Creek, and Beaver Creek. These clear streams and extensive wetlands provide habitat for native  coaster brook trout and other fish. Popular fish species include brook  trout, largemouth, smallmouth and rock bass, northern pike and white  sucker. An old growth cedar swamp exhibits healthy regeneration, an  important browse species for white-tailed deer. Extensive beech-maple  upland hardwood forest provides habitat for numerous mammals, birds, and flowering plants including black bear, timber wolf, American marten and fisher, migrating songbirds, raptors (such as bald eagle, barred owl,  peregrine falcon, waterfowl and upland game birds), and spring  wildflowers. An interesting pattern of glacial geology includes  post-glacial meltwater channels, escarpments, and Lake Nipissing beach  ridges.

 The Beaver Basin Wilderness offers opportunities for  quiet, solitude, wilderness recreation, and spiritual renewal.  Individual and small group recreation is available along 8.4 miles of  the North Country National Scenic Trail and 8.5 miles of connector  trails as well as 6 backcountry campsites.


Sorry, we have no listings for the lake group at this time.


Sorry, we have no listings for the lake group at this time.

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