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Big Island Lake Wilderness Area

Big Island LakeTwenty-three lakes, ranging in size from 5 to 149 acres and joined by  short, marked portages, make this Wilderness an excellent waterway for  canoeists. The 54 clear-water acres of Twilight Lake are managed for  trout. Fishing is popular, but special regulations limit the types of  lures you can use and the size of the fish you can keep. Ducks, loons,  and great blue herons are often seen feeding on or near the water, and  bald eagles are occasional visitors. Sandhill cranes frequent the open  upland in the area's northern section. Logged off between 1890 and the  early 1930s, the region has many old stumps scattered among  second-growth hardwoods (maple, white birch, beech, and quaking aspen)  in the uplands, and hemlock, spruce, and balsam in the low wetlands  along streams and bogs. Long-abandoned logging campsites are still  evident. Woodland animals include black bears, pine martens, bobcats,  raccoons, porcupines, and chipmunks. Although the terrain rolls easily,  there are no trails within the forest, and hikers may find the going a  challenge.

 Between mid-December and mid-March the snow pack averages four feet in  depth and attracts snowshoers and cross-country skiers. When the snow  melts, 34 inches of annual precipitation keeps the countryside wet.  Sadly, traffic noise sometimes seeps into this Wilderness. .


Sorry, we have no listings for the lake group at this time.


Sorry, we have no listings for the lake group at this time.

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