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River, Lake & Off-Shore Island Canoe & Kayak Trips

Michigan is  blessed with more than 36,000 miles of rivers and streams, including  over 12,000 miles of cold water trout streams! Additional information  and links for printing maps these rivers and streams are listed below.

Michigan’s Natural Rivers Program was developed to preserve, protect and enhance  our state's finest river systems for the use and enjoyment of current  and future generations by allowing property owners their right to  reasonable development, while protecting Michigan's unique river  resources.

The United States has designated thirteen Northern Michigan Rivers as  National Wild & Scenic Rivers. These rivers were selected because  their immediate environments possess outstandingly remarkable scenic,  recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife, historic, cultural or other  similar values.  They and their immediate environments are being  protected for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future  generations. Information about guides & outfitters and rentals & liveries servicing  specific rivers or lakes may be obtained by clicking on the buttons  located above.

Several thousand years ago, glaciers carved a spectacular system of contours  into the earth in what was later to become the state of Michigan. As a  result, we're left with one of the best places to kayak in the world.  From the multitude of protected in-land lakes to the many faces and  tempers of the Great Lakes, Michigan presents an endless variety to the  paddler. Michiganā€™s beautiful rivers and lakes offer wonderful outdoor  recreational experiences.Ā  They attract canoe, kayak, and rafting and  tubing enthusiast from all over the world.  Rivers, once used for  driving logs through the remote forest of Northern Michigan, these  rivers now provide excellent outdoor recreational opportunities  canoeing, kayaking, rafting and tubing. The following are just a sample  of destinations to canoe or kayak in Michigan:

Northeastern Lower Peninsula Trips

Northwestern Lower Peninsula Trips

Southeastern Lower Peninsula Trips

Southwestern Lower Peninsula Trips

Upper Peninsula Trips

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